Guide for Podcasters: Build a Successful Show

Podcast studio IZONE Media and Galas team, making the service for podcasters, have collected everything to make your podcaster’s life easier.

Guide for Podcasters - Everything a podcaster needs to develop their podcast | Product Hunt
Guide for Podcasters - Everything a podcaster needs to develop their podcast | Product Hunt

The guide contains recommendations, checklists, and useful links


How to make a podcast

How to choose a format, how to write the description, and how to prepare for the podcast launch.


How to write a good podcast scenario

How to make a catchy scenario structure, and why without a scenario, everything can go wrong.


How to work with guests

Where to find guests, how to conduct an interview, and what to do if something went wrong.


How to find your audience

How to describe the target audience and encourage them to leave you feedback


How to build a community

How to communicate with listeners and why you must start doing it right now


How to create podcast cover art

How your cover art should look and where to get a professional cover for free


Useful links for podcasters

Podcasters’ communities, hostings, and services for cover art creation


Listen/read about podcasting

Podcasts about podcasting, newsletters about the podcast industry


Podcast recording checklist

List of must-have to-dos for every day

What do others say about our guide?


There are many factors to the popularity of a podcast. You want to keep the smallest things in mind and be as efficient as possible. This is exactly what this guide is for. Besides, it’ll save you the time you might otherwise spend looking for answers when you’re just starting out in podcasting.

Dmytro Afanasiev Suspilne podcast manager


The guide has all a beginner podcaster needs. All the main things that active Ukrainian podcasters can share now is collected in a single file and easy to grasp. Don’t hesitate to use it to create new quality audio content.

Ivanna Shkromyda, creator of the podcasts “The Acoustics of Shadows” and “I Know How It Feels.”


As a communications expert, I love all kinds of checklists and guides because they really make it easier to work here and now. This guide is a great source for both beginners and experienced podcasters. It helps keep everything at hand. I’ve saved it for myself and will definitely recommend it to my colleagues.

Anna Tsiatsko, communications expert, creator of the podcast “Derzhspetskoms”

Here’s a small part of the guide, check it up

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What else will can help you?


Early access to Galas, a service that unites your listeners from all platforms in one place


Custom professional podcast cover made by professional designers for free


The community where podcasters can solve problems, ask questions and communicate.


IZONE Media telegram channel, where they publish Ukrainian-speaking podcasts every day.

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    Galas - IT company making a web service for podcasters, that unites podcast listeners from different apps in a vibrant and loyal community around the show. Now listeners from Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and other platforms have a place to meet each other, discuss the episodes and communicate with the podcast creator.

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      IZONE Media

    IZONE Media is an open podcasting studio based in Kyiv. The project’s mission is to help develop the podcasting market in Ukraine and give voice to those who need it. The platform provides resources to record, produce, and promote audio content and offers learning opportunities and expert advice to those who just plan to start their podcast one day.

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